A Few Good Things

Hi there,

I wonder if anyone reads this anymore? If I’m writing into emptiness? I don’t post nearly as frequently as I once did. I send a monthly newsletter now. Sign up here on the site, if you like. I never spam, or share email addresses. But even if no one reads this it’s okay. This blog and I go way back. I’m sticking with her.

First good thing: Many thanks to St. Martin’s Press 20 final copies of The Weight of Him (hardcover) are available on giveaway at Goodreads.¬†Giveaway ends on Sunday, April 16th.

Second good thing: My essay “Loud in the Time of Chaos” published at Tin House Online. It’s about the Irish fiddle virtuoso, Sharon Shannon, and the salve and importance of tapping into our most powerful parts, especially during these difficult times.

I also have several events coming up. You can find full details on my Events page.

Thanks for reading…nobody?

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6 Responses to A Few Good Things

  1. Tim says:

    I’m still reading! And, just so you know, although you didn’t ask, I loved THE WEIGHT OF HIM. Cheers!

    – Tim from Portuguese Artists Colony and Your Writing Class and Other Places

    • Ethel Rohan says:

      Hi Tim, this was in my spam folder so forgive my delayed response. Thanks for the kind message, and for your feedback on The Weight of Him. Means a lot! I hope your own writing is going well. All best, Ethel.

  2. Ethel Rohan says:

    Hugs right back. Bless you, Tanita x

  3. Brad Green says:

    Still reading here.

    • Ethel Rohan says:

      OMG Brad! How are you? Great, I hope. Please let me know what’s new with you. It’s been a LONG time.