In The Event of Contact by Ethel Rohan
  • "This is a terrific collection; each story is its own thing, gripping, powerful, and very moving." —RODDY DOYLE
  • “Spare, haunting, and mesmerizing, these stories somehow capture the ungraspable essence of being human. This book, these characters, put a spell on me.” —Diane Cook, author of the Booker finalist THE NEW WILDERNESS
  • "In this amazing collection, Rohan traces the determined spirit of the hopeful; how we seek to connect and anchor so as not to capsize in life's treacherous waves. What an elegant, telling, gorgeous book." —Rene Denfeld, bestselling author of THE CHILD FINDER
  • "Rohan's stories are small electric shocks of discovery. How can such a collection be both unsettling and redemptive? How can any of us tease out light in our darkness? Rohan's alchemy points the way." —Caroline Leavitt, New York Times bestselling author of PICTURES OF YOU
  • "These characters long for connections that keep eluding them. Their tragedies and resilience are brilliantly various and individual—none alike, and none exactly like ours—but they speak to the universal through the particular as only art can manage. A tremendous achievement." —Clare Beams, author of THE ILLNESS LESSON
  • "In The Event of Contact is a remarkable collection of understated yet powerful stories about people who trespass, and are trespassed against. Rohan writes with such sensitivity and compassion, and long after I was done reading, I kept thinking about her characters and how uniquely she gave witness to their complicated lives and private pain." —Edan Lepucki, New York Times bestselling author of CALIFORNIA
  • "Beautiful, startling, disarming, and honest, In the Event of Contact is disquieting and compelling in equal measure." —Danielle McLaughlin, author of THE ART OF FALLING
  • "Each of these stories is beautifully-written, wise and wry; read as a collection, their cumulative effect is gently devastating." —Louise Kennedy, author of THE END OF THE WORLD IS A CUL DE SAC

“In the Event of Contact is a timely read about the importance of connecting with other people on our own terms.” BITCH MEDIA Selected Feminist Reads for May, 2021 

In the Event of Contact is one of 2021’s must-read collections.” BUSTLE

“With In the Event of Contact, Rohan explores the literal edges of the human experience—what we desire to bring into contact with our bodies, and just as importantly, what we don’t. She counts herself among the excellent women writers who continue to unflinchingly explore the realm of the body, and through this lens, infuse the short story form with a pervasive loneliness and ambient anxiety that mirror the uneasiness of our times: authors like Carmen Maria Machado, Roxane Gay, Ottessa Moshfegh, Sarah Rose Etter, Amber Sparks, and Sara Lippmann. Add Ethel Rohan’s name to that list.” The Rumpus

“Through her brilliant storytelling, Rohan explores the deep desire for human relationships, and the physical or psychological distances that affect them.” Booklist

“Social distancing marked the lonely horror that was this year; paradoxically a demonstration of how affection and empathy for our fellow humans required us to retreat into ourselves, connection now defined by the absence of contact. Ethel Rohan’s book of short stories examines something similar in its evocation of what connection or its lack can do to us. In the Event of Contact is a loving homage to humanity in all its complexity.” The Millions

“A striking collection about loners.” Publisher’s Weekly

“The stories straddle the faultlines of the lives of their characters and as a collection quietly and subtly accumulate a potency that by the end leaves the reader breathless.” The Westmeath Independent

“Rohan’s plain prose helps to feature the emotional earthquakes these characters undergo while they’re navigating ordinary happenings, and her masterful use of Irish lilts and rhythms helps to reveal intricate emotional distances between those who left and those who stayed behind, even as it nestles the reader deep into her characters’ hearts and minds.” Foreword Reviews

“In each story, Rohan’s prose shines with deft eloquence, depicting her characters with compassion, leavened by insight.” Nob Hill Gazette

Most Anticipated Lists: The Millions, The Rumpus, The Irish Times, BUSTLE, Entropy Magazine, and BIG OTHER Magazine.

Brief Synopsis:

In the Event of Contact contains fourteen gripping stories set in Ireland, England, and America. Stories from a singular survivor voice that chronicle crises of contact, various forms of injury, and characters making surprising bids for recovery.

Among them, a scrappy teen vies to be the next Sherlock Holmes; an immigrant daughter must defend her decision to remain childless; a guilt-ridden woman is haunted by the disappearance of her childhood friend; a cantankerous crossing guard celebrates getting run over by a truck; an embattled priest with dementia determines to perform a heroic, redemptive act, if he can only remember how; and an aspirational, angst-ridden mother captains the skies.

Amid backgrounds of trespass, absence, and necessity, the indelible characters of In the Event of Contact seek renewed belief in humanity and the remains of wonder.