“Ultimately, “Shatter” and all the stories in this collection center on the struggles of the body and the spirit. On our yearning to be more than we are. I am nowhere in “Shatter” or in this book. I am everywhere in “Shatter” and in this book.”

— Interview with Larry Dark, The Story Prize. Read Full Interview Here.


“In assessing my work for a possible collection, I realized my stories center on the horrors of the body and the resulting ramifications. The idea of the ‘horrors of the body’ crystallized this collection for me, and my work as a whole.”
Interview with Tania Hershman, The Short Review. Read Full Interview Here


“I grouped the stories emotionally. I reordered and reordered until the stories felt right, until they flowed and finished on just the right chords.”
— Interview with Garrett Gaudens, Read Full Interview Here