And Now We’re A Family of Six

Meet Coife (“Keefe-a”)

Because, as you well know, I am lazy, do nothing, and have SO much extra time on my hands. I also LOVE sleepless nights and potty-training and saying ‘no’ ad nauseum and am in no way house proud or obsessive about hygiene:


Thank you, Stonecliffe Animal Rescue (I think! :-))

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11 Responses to And Now We’re A Family of Six

  1. Christopher says:

    Oh my Lord. You’ve done a very cute thing.

    • Ethel Rohan says:

      Thanks, Chris, I agree 🙂 Our cat, though, doesn’t share our enthusiasm. Hold on, it’s going to be fun!

  2. Laura Ellen Scott says:

    Oh, lovely. Very happy for you!

    • Ethel Rohan says:

      Thanks, Laura. She came home with us Thursday night. I’m sleep deprived right now and frankly a little terrified (the ‘what the hell have I done’ feeling), but am very excited and in love.

  3. kathydfish says:

    Heart-meltingly cute, Ethel!! My family got our very first puppy six years ago and it was the best thing we ever did. Enjoy!

    • Ethel Rohan says:

      Oh thank you, Kath, that’s so good to hear. Amazing how hard and fast the bond. She’s beautiful inside and out.

  4. tanita says:

    You are your girls’ hero right now. Heroine. Whatever. They are probably squeeealing pretty much hourly. He’s a gorgeous wee thing.

  5. Ethel Rohan says:

    Thanks so much, Tanita. On twitter, a Scottish friend wrote she was ‘cute’ and added ‘don’t tell anyone I said ‘cute.’ I laughed hard. As I’m sure you’ll now appreciate, before I go to Ireland I have to coach myself not to say ‘guys, cool, awesome, sneakers, mail’ etc. They give me hell for being a ‘yank.’ Similarly, I won’t tell anyone you said ‘wee’ 🙂

    I hope you enjoy a terrific 2012 Tanita and that we get to see each other some time this year?

  6. Louise says:

    OMG She’s gorgeous – how could you not love her:)

  7. Joan Stepp Smith says:

    Adorable pup! Sensitive ~ and so fine. You will not be sorry:)

  8. Ethel Rohan says:

    Thanks so much, Louise and Joan. Yes, of course, we’re in love.