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Diary of a NYC Weekend

I’ve had quite the few days. Literary Death Match during Litquake last Thursday night was an experience. There were 250+ people in attendance in this fantastic San Francisco venue, Beatbox, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I shared the LDM stage … Continue reading

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Someone In Particular’s Tongue

On Saturday night, at Unnameable Books in Brooklyn, Kathy Fish introduced me to Robert Lopez. Since then, I read Robert’s story collection from Dzanz Books, Asunder. This is my response to Asunder: “Someone In Particular’s Tongue” Someone in particular tongued … Continue reading

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“When he laughs his happiness builds just like a normal person’s, but at the top his eyes go blank, as if there’s nothing there.”

That wonderful sentence is taken from May-Lan Tan’s short story “Legendary” which was published in the summer issue of Zoetrope: All Story. “Legendary” is a powerful story about obsession, desire and the absence of love. I read riveted from the … Continue reading

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Night O What A

Last night, my husband and I attended Zoetrope: All-Story’s Fall Issue launch party in North Beach’s Cafe Zoetrope. I love Zoetrope: All Story and subscribed to the magazine for years, back in the days when the magazine was published in … Continue reading

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I Should Tell You

I’m going to New York, to read first with Kathy Fish and Greg Gerke, and then with Kathy Fish (again!), Heather Fowler, and Jen Michalski as part of Sara Lippmann and Nita Noveno’s Sunday Salon series. I’ve already had the … Continue reading

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There Can Be Days

One of my best and oldest friends asked, “Are you happy?” “On a scale of one-to-ten?” she asked. The questions are a loop annoying my mind. This morning, the scratches over my stomach and ribcage are red, long, intersecting, sore, … Continue reading

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