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Everyone Hates a Tell-Tale

The wonderful editors at The Chattahoochee Review today published my ‘Tell-Tale Table’ to their blog. The table reveals the approximate percentage of actual, real-life events depicted in every story published in Hard to Say. Hard to Say won the 2010 … Continue reading

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How Beautiful is This?

A screenshot of the books I’ve read and added to my Goodreads account. So behind on so much else I’ve read and need to add, and so many more books yet to read and add, but this is gorgeous:  

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I’m Everybody

In addition to the online excerpt of Chris Boucher’s generous review of Cut Through the Bone in this month’s Believer Magazine (which you can read here) I’m happy to also share this from Chris: “Whether they win or lose their … Continue reading

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And Now We’re A Family of Six

Meet Coife (“Keefe-a”) Because, as you well know, I am lazy, do nothing, and have SO much extra time on my hands. I also LOVE sleepless nights and potty-training and saying ‘no’ ad nauseum and am in no way house … Continue reading

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