Thank You, Beautiful Readers

Life is stranger than most fictions. The tough times continue and this has been a hellacious week. Hellacious, not as in ‘wah-wah’ my story was rejected, as in my heart physically hurt, as though the organ needed to be taken out and cradled and stroked. Please, no need to comment or respond, thank you. I will recover.

Curt Dawes in an inmate at Michigan Reformatory. I know little more about Curt except that he has a sister and he reviewed Hard to Say for BULL: Fiction for Thinking Men for a forthcoming issue. This morning, Curt’s sister, N., sent me an advance copy of his review. It’s hard to describe how it feels to know my stories mattered to Curt in Michigan in prison. I’ll make up a word: grathumenc.

I cut off most of my hair, twelve inches of length and a crazy amount in volume, and now have Flash hair. My short-short haircut seems trivial to mention here. Yet it’s where the keyboard has taken me. I don’t know how many times yesterday the hair stylist said I was brave. He seemed shocked that I’d chance a new stylist with a completely new do. We are all brave in our own ways. For me, cutting off my hair felt nothing, felt like a grasp at forcing a new chapter.

I spent so much of this past week wrangling with all the ways I still feel so very afraid. The fall of my shorn hair felt nothing next to that. My head is lighter now that some of the old has fallen away. Scissors, Baby.

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13 Responses to Thank You, Beautiful Readers

  1. tanita says:

    *sweeping up the cutting room floor*

    Sometimes it’s just what we let go of that saves us…♥

  2. Nettie says:

    Ooh you are brave with the haircut !! and you are similarly brave with your writing you just dont realise it. Its written out of you brain and your heart – its done. As you say its none of your business what others think of you – suffice to know that those who know and love you still do 🙂

    • Ethel Rohan says:

      Nettie, how wonderful to hear from you. Thanks for this message and kind encouragement. I’ll phone soon xx

  3. Dawn. says:

    Flash hair. Love that. I’ve done two drastic cuts in my life–on my 17th birthday I went from elbow-length straight hair to chin-length straight hair, and in 2009 (the year I came out, among other dramas) I went from chin-length straight hair to an all-natural afro. Considering another drastic move for this year. Appears I’d be in good company. 🙂

    • Ethel Rohan says:

      Sometimes the right thing to do is to make the drastic move. I’m not crazy about this cut, I got, but I am loving short hair. Think I’ll be revisiting the scissors again soon. I hope, as I work through grasping at a new chapter, I don’t end up bald!

  4. Casey Hannan says:

    Ethel, I did something similar with my hair last week. I was feeling out of control, so I buzzed most of my hair but left a short, subtle mohawk down the middle. I don’t feel any more in control. Like you say, “a grasp at forcing a new chapter.”

    I’ve been reading HARD TO SAY again. RAW is still my favorite story. Keep going.

    • Ethel Rohan says:

      I’d like to see a picture of that short, subtle mohawk! Thank you, Casey, for visiting, I greatly admire your writing and appreciate your support and encouragement.

  5. Brigid says:

    Hi Ethel, I popped over via my blog.
    That’s interesting about your hair, I’ve done similar in the past.
    I started a piece about Grainne Mhaol during the week, cutting her hair off did her no harm, kickstarted her ‘Pirate Queen’ career:)

    • Ethel Rohan says:

      Brigid, thanks so much for visiting and reading. I’m greatly heartened to learn that about Grainne Mhaol. I’m fascinated by her. I look forward to what this new do might kickstart–the new do, the example of Pirate Queens, and kind encouragement such as yours. Cheers.

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