Win 2 Free Books

I am thrilled that In the Event of Contact is on BuzzFeed’s Summer Recommended Reading List along with these 27 delicious-sounding other books. Do these lists result in reads/sales? YES. At least they do for me as a book shopper (and there are others I’ll order from my local library). I purchased 5 of the titles on this list. If you correctly guess which five titles I purchased, I’ll buy and ship you the book of your choice from this list, and a signed copy of In the Event of Contact dedicated to you or the recipient of your choice (entries welcome worldwide). First correct answer wins and contest ends. HINT: 4 of the titles are in the image below, and the 5th in from the full list of titles in the Buzzfeed article. Answer in comments. Good luck!

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Thank you, BuzzFeed!

I am beyond thrilled to be included among BuzzFeed‘s latest Book Recommendations and to receive this dream response to my stories from editor Arianna Rebolini. I’ve been reading her round ups and reviews for years and hoping, dreaming…

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Updated Events

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That Thing Called Love

While he lived, I put everything into making my Irish dad proud. If I succeeded, he never let on. Such was his reticent way. But I think even he, a barman who never finished school, would get a kick out of IN THE EVENT OF CONTACT being reviewed in Stanford University’s The Daily. Thank you so much, Lily Nilipour.

“Throughout “In the Event of Contact,” Rohan offers compassionate and vivid portraits of people looking for connection. Yet, in these searches, we see that we can find ourselves fragmented, sidetracked and in places we never expected. Such is the route by which we come to discover ‘that thing called love.’”

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Beyond Story: The Places Imagination Can Take Us

As its author, In the Event of Contact keeps delivering surprises, and most are the best kind, largely around who the book is reaching and who’s supporting it. I’ve long admired and applauded Literary Hub, a robust site devoted to all things books. Daily, alongside original content and exclusive excerpts, LitHub showcases contemporary literary culture, and does so with enormous generosity, intelligence, and finesse. I’m thrilled that today LitHub featured an except from my short story collection’s titular story “In the Event of Contact.”

An earlier, unpublished version of the story was longlisted for the 2017 Sunday Times EFG Short Story Award and I remain deeply grateful for that huge nod, which boosted my belief in the short story and allowed me to revise it with vigor, and with my imagining the story one day going on to reach readers. Here we are; that vision achieved, along with my dream goal of seeing my fiction included on LitHub. It’s as though, along with creating the stories in this collection, I was also conjuring a story about the book, and myself, and it’s coming true.

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Bay Area is Representing

Thank you Rosie Merlin and 7×7 Magazine for supporting Bay Area culture and spring/summer books. I’m delighted to be included in this list of 20 titles, especially alongside my fellow fictionistas, and added shout out to Natalie Baszile’s gorgeous and powerful WE ARE EACH OTHER’S HARVEST: Celebrating African American Farmers, Land and Legacy.

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Book My If

Monkeybicycle hosts a great, trippy series ‘If My Book’ which I very much enjoy, and I’m delighted to now be included. Thank you, Steven Seighman and James Tate Hill.

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Making Contact, or Not

Many thanks to Jen Michalski for our interview at jmww Journal. Jen posed excellent questions and I appreciated the opportunity to sit with them, especially regarding my lifelong struggle to feel accepted, and acceptable. “I’ve never felt like I belong, for a myriad of reasons, but largely because I’m invariably in a state of hiding. You can’t belong if you’re not present.”

My 19-year-old body ink captures the home that’s never failed me: writing.

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I Now Pronounce You Whoever You Want to Be

For The Rumpus, I wrote about the subversive reworking of traditional fairy tales and the twisting of patriarchal, heterosexual prescriptions in great reads from Roxane Gay, Matthew Salesses, Timothy Snyder, Louise O’Neill, Jennifer Berney, Tommy Orange, Amber Sparks, Carmem Maria Machado, and Darien Hsu Gee.

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Last Call, Friends.

This free webinar chat on Partings in Storytelling & Beyond is tomorrow, Friday, May 7th, at 9am PDT/Noon EST/5pm GMT. Registration link is here, if you’d like to join us: This will be my first event around the themes of my next book, In the Event of Contact (out May 18), and I’m very much looking forward to it.

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