A Wishlist

To have a Gordon Lish aka mentor.

To be part of an active writing group.

To have jumped from The Bristol Prize’s Longlist to the Shortlist.

That you enjoy my brief interview over at Nuala NiChonchuir’s Irish blog.

To be Matt Bell for one day. Here’s a snapshot of the staggering work Matt did in May championing the short story and its writers. Be sure and get his free ebook!

To do well at my two readings this month, the first in Healdsburg, CA with Lauren Becker and the second at Elliott Bay Books, Seattle, WA.

To arrange a couple of readings during my stay in Ireland this summer, July 18-August 14.

That Molly Gaudry, Christopher Newgent, Erika Moya and every other wonder behind the newly unveiled The Lit Pub reap the support, recognition and rewards they so richly deserve.

That Christopher Newgent of Vouched Books knows how deeply thrilled and honored and humbled I am that Cut Through the Bone is his featured pick over at The Lit Pub alongside Molly Gaudry’s featured choice, Lidia Yuknavitch’s The Chronology of Water and Mike Young’s featured choice, Ofelia Hunt’s Today and Tomorrow.

That Hard to Say, shipping from PANK this week, will be well-received.

That Siolo Thompson knows how much I love both my book covers and how hard I admire her.

That I can hold it together in September during my time at the Frank O’Connor International Short Story Festival because I’m going to be very emotional and absolutely terrified. The Longlist went live yesterday.

To be better.

To do better.

That the writing life wasn’t sometimes so hard.

That today’s hospital scan doesn’t mean my dad’s cancer has returned.

That my mother can let go and be at peace.

That life wasn’t sometimes so hard.

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