And the Winner Is

Thanks to everyone who visited The Lit Pub and in particular those who participated in the discussion thread that follows Christopher Newgent’s most recent excellent post “What Is a Man’s Literature?”

I entered everyone who left a comment in response to the above post yesterday into the drawing to win a copy of Lindsay Hunter’s excellent Daddy’s and a signed copy of my Hard to Say just released from PANK.

The list of the fine folks who raised their voice follow:

Corey Beasley

Dorothee Lang

Christopher Allen

Victoria Barrett

Jordan Blum

Dawn West

Tim Jones-Yelvington

Dennis Mahagin

Amber Sparks

Jesús Angel García

Don Antenen

Doug Paul Case

Kyle Winkler

And the Winner, chosen at random by my blindfolded, spun-three-times, dizzy husband, Is:

Victoria Barrett

Congratulations, Victoria, I’ll get both books in the mail to you today. Please email me at with your address. Thanks again to everyone who participated. And stay tuned throughout June for more giveaways that relate to the remarkable work happening at The Lit Pub.

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