Last Day To Enter

Herewith endeth Cut Through the Bone’s reign at The Lit Pub (tissues, please.)

I’m excited to see what books The Lit Pub will feature in July!

Since my last post, Christopher Newgent, bless him, added three more posts to The Lit Pub:

An Interview With Me

Story Focus on “The Long Way”

A Farewell

Everyone else who comments in response to Christopher Newgent’s posts at The Lit Pub through midnight PST, June 30th, with be entered in a LIVE draw tomorrow to receive a $100 gift certificate to spend at The Lit Pub and purchase from the great and growing titles in their library. This gift certificate expires December 31st, 2011. I’m sorry, all previous winners this month are excepted from entry.

Good luck, everyone, and thanks for participating.

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