Something Different

I believe in The Lit Pub and I’m grateful for and humbled by everything they’re doing throughout June for me and my first book, Cut Through the Bone.

Christopher Newgent of Vouched Books is doing an outstanding and Herculean job of posting three insightful essays a week over at The Lit Pub with in-depth looks at some of the stories in the collection and at the collection as a whole. Here’s the latest post. His threads have generated some excellent discussions and deservedly so. But I’d like to see him and The Lit Pub get more support and exposure.

In the hopes I can harness my spending dollars and better support The Lit Pub and indie publishing as a whole I’m going to shift from my usual book giveaway and do something different.

Everyone who comments in response to Christopher Newgent’s posts at The Lit Pub today through June 30th with be entered in a LIVE draw to receive a $100 gift certificate to spend at The Lit Pub and purchase from the great and growing titles in their library. This gift certificate expires December 31st, 2011. I’m sorry, all previous winners this month are excepted from entry.

I believe in The Lit Pub. I believe in indie publishing. I believe in our power as readers and book buyers to reinvigorate and reimagine the publishing industry.

Please help me spread the word.

As always, my deep thanks.

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