Night O What A

Last night, my husband and I attended Zoetrope: All-Story’s Fall Issue launch party in North Beach’s Cafe Zoetrope. I love Zoetrope: All Story and subscribed to the magazine for years, back in the days when the magazine was published in this large newspaper style and the print would bleed onto my hands.

Even after we moved house with its tiny office last October, I kept my stacks of these old Zoetrope magazines and I still return to those stories. For a time, I also read submissions for Zoetrope, but such volunteerism required going downtown to the Zoetrope offices at least once a week and back then my girls were babies and the effort quickly proved too much.

Last night, my husband reminded me that the first Zoetrope: All Story launch party we attended, I told him if I ever got a story published in the magazineĀ I could die happy.

“And now?” he asked.

I laughed hard.

Last night, unlike in nights past, they didn’t have actors read from the new issue. They did, however, offer free house wine, appetizers, and Francis Ford Coppola.

It’s something to behold the power and pull of celebrity.

Even I wobbled over to Mr. Coppola in high heels and he graciously autographed a copy of the summer issue. Sorry, the current horror issue appealed to me less.

Would you like that signed copy of Zoetrope: All-Story’s summer issue? Leave a message in the comments or email me through the contact page here and tell me.

If you’re willing to work a little to get the issue, all the better. Karma, you know? Pay forward. Like do something nice for somebody else. Or write a guest post for this blog. Or subscribe to a lit mag, or just buy a single issue. Or share a link to the last story you loved. Or send a postcard to someone somewhere and tell them you love their work. Hell, write someone somewhere and tell them, I love you.

Vol 15 No 2
Summer 2011
Oceanic by Stuart Dybek
T.A.R.P. by Emily Ruskovich
Legendary by May-Lan Tan
The Fly by George Langelaan
Guest Designer – Beck Hansen

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