Flash Fiction at The Irish Times

My very short story “How We Work” was published in The Irish Times today. The newspaper recently introduced a Flash Fiction series, curated by Irish crime writer Declan Burke. I love that the Times’s editors are affording space and giving ink to fiction writers and the flash form. You can also read the story online here.

My father has never read my stories. I can’t seem to pique his interest. I phoned him in Dublin this morning to tell him I’d a tiny story published in this weekend’s Irish Times. The Irish Times remains Ireland’s newspaper royalty, the jewel in the crown of Irish media.

“You’re in The Irish Times? Stop.” Dad said.

I heard a rare rainbow in his voice and thought of telegrams. Stop. Of brevity. Stop. Urgency. Stop. And life and death messages. Stop.

Thank you, Declan Burke and Shane Hegarty, Irish Times Art Editor and columnist.

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