Make A Wish and Win Free Books!

My brief response to Laura Ellen Scott’s fantastical debut novel, Death Wishing, is live at PANK.
The post also includes an exciting FREE FOUR BOOK Giveaway. All you have to do is share your deepest wish. Imagine, as in Death Wishing, your dying wish could come true. What would you wish for? Tell us here in the comments at PANK and you could win the following books:
Death Wishing (signed), novel by Laura Ellen Scott
The Curfew, novel by Jesse Ball
Echolocation, novel by Myfanwy Collins
Hard to Say (signed), stories by Ethel Rohan
Laura Ellen Scott will choose the winning wish. Entries close Friday, April 6th, at NOON, PST. Winner will be announced soon thereafter.
Bonne Chance!
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