In the past few weeks I’ve had an unprecedented number of fellow writers reach out and ask me to help. In the two weeks alone since my last post “Nails” (wherein I admit I’m floundering (again!) and want to step back) nine, yes nine, fellow writers wrote me, asking. Requests have ranged from advice to interviews to book reviews to book blurbs. I responded to all with a wholehearted yes. I am always happy to help others and pay forward the many kindnesses I’ve received from other writers and editors along my own journey. I asked to be snagged by a nail, to be shown how to live meaningfully. Is this flurry of calls for help that nail? I have to believe so.

My dilemma though. How can I support other writers, and support them well, without engaging in social networking? I recently interviewed Nuala NiChonchuir at PANK. Nuala is best served if I tweet and facebook and blog about her interview. I did so, one tweet, one fb link, and now this one blog mention here. But I did so reluctantly. In the two weeks I’ve stayed off social networking I have been more productive and much happier. I like the peace and the quiet. As a writer, though, I definitely feel more isolated and ignorant of the various goings on. I also feel so much less supportive of my fellow writers and the community and I hate that.

I want to stay in touch and up-to-date and fully engaged with my fellow writers and the writing world. I want to continue to help and contribute as best I can. Thus I guess I’m going to have to get back on the social network bull and withstand the bucks. Hee-haw.

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