We Always Know Why, If We Listen Long Enough to Ourselves

I don’t know why I didn’t post this interview here that I did a few weeks back with the wonderful Brad Listi over at Other People’s Podcast. I feel so grateful to be included in this literali-studded, award-winning series, but I’ve been reluctant to share the interview beyond my writing community and with my personal communities. I also haven’t yet been able to bring myself to listen to the interview.

I think most of us find it difficult to listen to ourselves or to see our photos without the internal rush to criticize. I’m tried of criticizing myself. These days, I’m trying to talk to and about myself just as I would talk to and about my daughters–with nothing but love.

They say we can’t love others if we don’t love ourselves. Thus far in life, I haven’t found that to be entirely true.

There’s also a part of me still trying to hide myself, in particular my writing self, from certain people and communities. I’m still clinging to compartmentalizing myself. Here’s Ethel: Wife, Mom, School Parent, Irish woman, Immigrant, San Franciscan, Upright Citizen, Writer, Rebel, Struggler, The She’s So Together, The She’s Falling Apart. That’s something I’m also trying hard to work on these days: Here everyone, this is me, all of me. Like or leave, Amen.

It is with this at long last new meview that I give you my interview with Brad Listi. Like or leave, Amen: http://otherpeoplepod.com/archives/2394

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