Who TF Cares?

There’s this cruel voice in my head. It’s always been there, trying to shut me up, keep me small. Lately, it’s sick of my efforts to market and promote my first novel. ‘Who tf cares?’ A big part of me could give in, and give up. Maybe the voice is right. Maybe no one cares. Especially in this catastrophic political climate. The voice, doubt, work, it’s exhausting. Yet I won’t lie down. Because I care. Because great people have helped make good things happen for my novel and me.

  • Caroline Leavitt, the wonderful, New York Times bestselling author and fierce champion of all things lit interviewed me.
  • My dear friend, fellow writer, and Mills College alum, Lisa Lewis, interviewed me by phone for Literary Mama and I love the results of our conversation.
  • Bridget Quinn and Larry Rosen, the brilliant hosts of the GrottoPod podcast interviewed me the day after The Weight of Him‘s official launch party at The Booksmith (there may have been whiskey fumes in the tiny space).
  • My essay on food, family and wanting more published at The Washington Post.
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